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Home Missions

Welcome!- It is your first day aboard Org-Galaxy's giant base, you have been called, over the broadcasting line, to hurry to the dining hall. Perhaps there are some festivities planned there? In any case, you go. Write/Draw what happens as you enter the hall.

A Day in the Life Of...- Just an uneventful day, nobody is calling on Org-Galaxy to take care of any problems. Write/Draw your character in his/her casual attire.

To Pass the Time- Our organization isn't constantly on duty, sometimes we have those lazy days when our vessel is simply drifting through space. Write/Draw what your character enjoys doing on these boring days.

A Home of Our Own- Draw out or give a detailed description of your room aboard our ship.

The Time has Come- ...To meet your Fearless Leader, Magenix. What happens? how does your character react? Draw/write.


Deep Jungle

M1-Welcome to the Jungle: Are you beast or wild man? Perhaps some crazy combination? Draw or write about your experience in the jungle.

M2-Predator and Prey: There have been rumors floating around the jungle (mostly translated through Tarzan) that something is attacking the weaker animals of the Jungle. Descriptions lead us to believe this is the work of the Heartless.

M3-Beauty in the Deep: Tarzan himself is putting up the reward for this, he's giving us his entire cache of GT. Jane has been captured by the Heartless, locate and rescue her before anything terrible happens to her.

BOSS: Feral Rager: On your last mission, you discovered what had been keeping Jane. Before you stands an immense behemoth of strength and brawn. This creature looks relatively like a man, but hulking over, standing a good 12 feet tall (if he could stand straight up.)Long tufts of fur cover his cheeks, but the majority of his head is clean and bald. His head is made to look quite small by both the size of his enormous ears, and also by his gigantic body. he is wearing only a loincloth and is wielding a staff, which really looks more like the trunk of a tree.

Olympus Colosseum Missions

M1- Philocetes's mind has been taken over by Hades and he has grown quite powerful, Hercules can't bring himself to harm his friend so he has asked Org-Galaxy to step in and knock sense back into phil and knock the culprit out.

M2- With Phil back in the game you're free to enter a couple tournaments. First up is "Rogue Heartless." He's not a musclebound beefcake but he's sly and swift, so be careful.

M3- Next up is Hades, big surprise right? That guy is always sticking his head on the chopping block, show him what Org-Galaxy is made of!

M4- Nope, not another tournament, this time there's actually business. Hercules is in trouble and Zeus has asked that we take a special weapon to him from the Gods so that he may better fight this mighty foe.

BOSS: (coming soon)


M1 - The Cheshire Cat had contacted us, but since he speaks in riddles, we're not sure if there is a problem or not. Your mission is to find him and attempt to get more information out of him, if possible.

M2 - The Cheshire Cat won't quit talking in riddles, and soon disappears. When you turn around, you see why - Heartless have appeared, one bearing the Queen of Hearts's crown. Defeat the Heartless and get the crown back!

M3 - Card Soldiers, looking for the crown, have found you and accuse you of being the thief! Despite your best protests, they refuse to believe that you took it back from the Heartless, and they attack you. Defend youself!

BOSS - The Queen of Hearts won't be satisfied with just your head - She is demanding to duel you. It won't be easy, but if you fight, your name will be cleared and you will be free to go.

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