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Labor of Love- STOP! In the name of looooove... Okay, now that your Leader has finished embarrassing himself, onto the even brief. What catches your fancy when it comes to romance and love and all that 'smoochy smoochy' gobble-de-guk. Drawn/written.

MORE, MORE, AMOUR!- Oooooh la la~ your Leader, Magenix, feels love in the air. Write or Draw about your perfect date, whether it be with another organization member or a celebrity, or just someone you have a crush on.

Valentine's Day- Pass out cards and candy and hugs and kisses and all that fun snazzy wackey-doodle junk to people, WOWZA... P.S. Don't make fun of the leader for being overly eccentric, he forgot his 'cool down' medication.

Valentine Ball- Dress up all nice and come into the dining hall of the ship. Bring a date and dance, then come out to the bridge and watch fireworks after, it's guaranteed to be a blast.

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