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Recently some talk has been going around that Lord Odin, of Organization Underground, has decided to begin a war with other organizations. Because of the terms of affiliation between Organization Galaxy and Organization Galaxy, We members of the Galactic Empire are hereby protected from any attack made by Organization Underground. However, it is also our duty to stand by our word and stay true to our side of the agreement. That is to say that if and when this war begins, we are to raise our flag and fight alongside of OU.

Lord Odin has ruled over the underground empire for a long time, I have no doubt in his leadership abilities, although quite frankly I am disgusted at how easily his followers will betray him and go against him. It's disgrace such as this that I hope none of you will show me simply because I stand by a friend, a brother, a leader.

In this, our time of war, I ask you members of Organization Galaxy this one question: will you falter and stray, and show the yellow of your bellies, or will you stand strong against insurmountable odds to climb to the top and become the mightiest empire of nobodies?

Will you stand with me, my brothers and sisters, to fight alongside those who are inferior, or will you cower in fear and kow tow to the other organizations.

I require none of you to fight, your position in this organization will not be sacrificed if you wish not to fight, but one thing will be lost on you: your pride.

So come, join this war we wish to fight, battle for glory and victory, or slink down to your hole to weep like the child you will become.

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PercipicaciousLoris Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I want anyone who decides to read this to spend the rest of the day thinking about the universe. I want you to contemplate your existence for the rest of the day, and consider anything you want to consider. In one day, try as hard as you can to unlock your own personal secrets from our amazing, infinite universe. Im not saying youll have a wonderful life changing apepiphany, but this can be the first step towards your own enlightenment. also, try to feel absolute unconditional love for everyone you know or see. If not, that's cool too. also, try to express your love tot he Earth. after all, you came from it, and it nurtures you, and you go back to it when you have passed, so why not show your love? If you read this, that makes me immeasurably happy, and I am proud of you, even though you might not care. anyway, do what I said, or not. if you do do what I said, write down your findings and then share them with me. Laets talk, lets converse about life, mine and yours and everybodies. I want to get connected to everyone, I want to know them. I want my consciousness to be aware of your consciousness, so lets make that connection.
Thank you, I bid you adieu
themaintheif Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
yeah :)
PwNeDoScAr Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009
Wow, I get signed up and right away there's a conversion that requires notes to join.
I wonder how that's going to work, since the "Join Group" button is sort of disabled...
kvasir-verdandi Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009
heh ^^; yeah, I'm still figuring out all this stuff with the being a group now, I've got you added to the list of members so you're official now, no worries about watching the club...I'm not sure what the join group button is... sorry ^^; I'll get it fixed as soon as I can
PwNeDoScAr Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
You probably don't see the button I'm talking about since you made the club. Judging from the fact that somebody is in the members list, though, I think that the button was probably just something that you had to wait a day of two for.
monoka-kuro-tsukuya Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2009
Hiyas! I'm the leader of :devOrgainzationChaotica: just dropping by to say welcome to the list of Organizations ^^

Just a quickie, what do you have to send in to join? ^^
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