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Hello! This is your superior Merilexe here to talk about the rules of the club so please follow them ^ ^

1. Respect all other members and no fighting. If you have an argument with someone please discuss it calmly with another member or with an admin.

2. Keep other-room DArama out of OrgG. What happens there is not our problem, it does not need to be our problem.

3. Originality is key here. We ask that you avoid using Elements and weapons from the original Organization XIII. If your character has the same element but uses it in a different way, pass it by one of the Superiors. If they say no, don't complain about it, accept it an make a new character.

4. No Whining about Rank: Here at OrgG, our ranking system is based on a special tender, earned in missions, called Galactic Tokens (GT.)This system is what we used to determine when you get a rank up and how much longer until you get to a certain rank. If you have a problem with your current rank, then you work to get it up.

5. Please don't bring in a bot without permission from an admin. DiceMagi is the official bot of the room.

6. Along with rule 5, abuse of the bot will not be tolerated. Overuse of the bots' commands will result in a warning, followed by a kick for continued use, and finally a temporary (one week) ban from the room.

7. You may use Profanity, but keep it to somewhat of a minimum, no swearing every other word. Also, if asked by a Superior or another member, or if it's apparent another member is offended by such language, we ask that you discontinue using profane language or at least try to cut it back.

(note: This all we have so far more will come later)
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